PictureFlow 4.3 “Butterfly” | US-En

Here comes the fresh new upgrade of PictureFlow 4 aka “Butterfly”.

So what’s up in the 4.3?

  • Shadowbox 3.0.3 inside: The last stable version of Shadowbox (3.0.3) allows custom build that includes only the features you need for your project. You can build and download yours here: http://www.shadowbox-js.com/download.html Much more flexible and light as you need.
  • SWFObject 2.2 inside: Then PictureFlow 4.3 embed the last SWFObject 2.2.
  • Custom background is coming back: As you could do with PictureFlow 3, you can again load your own picture (Jpeg,PNG, GIF) to personalize your background if you don’t want to use the SWF Player crappy transparent mode. The flashVar  is called customBG and (new) you can place it as you want with 2 new FlashVars: decalBGX and decalBGY.
  • New desctext with much more vars to personalize each lines of your text under the main image (color,size, position, font…)

So don’t hesitate no more, go to the project page and discover all features of PictureFlow to empower your website with the ultimate 3D carousel.

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